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Microsoft Windos Seven may be the most awaited Operating System since we waited for Windows XP.

Windows Vista didn't work well and people wanted a new Operating System, so Microsoft started working hard and released this Windows Seven, which has been very well received by users from all over the world.

The true is that it works pretty well, it doesn't crack as usually as Windows Vista and the interface is beautiful.

Windows Seven is light, safe and easy to use. It starts quickly, really faster than Windows Vista and it closes fast too.

Applications run very well on it and, in short, people is very happy with it, what has made Microsoft Operating System to receive good reviews again.

The graphic appart of the desktop features Aero, one of the good thinigs brought by Vista.

Windows Seven is, with no doubt, the best Operating System by Microsoft.

This is the full version of Windows Seven. You can download and install it. Remember you need a valid license key to activate it.

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